Parish Activities


The Parish travels annually on pilgrimage to Walsingham (October) and Lourdes (July). Every other year we seek to go on pilgrimage to another Holy Place. 2001 saw us travel to the Holy Land; 2004 to Rome and 2006 to Knock in Ireland. We had a fantastic time at Oberammergau in Southern Germany for the Passion Play in May 2010 and though expensive, it really was a once in a decade opportunity.

Away-days and Retreats

Since we are a Parish that covers three mass centres it is important to come together every now and then so that we might get to know one another better and strengthen our sense of community. We do this through Parish Away-days and Retreats.

The Parish away-day, usually occurs once a year to one of the retreat centres in Crosby or Formby. It allows us to discuss topical issues such as “what the church really teaches……” and the implications of “Leaving Safe Harbours” (the Diocesan initiative responding to church closures and falling congregations) in a relaxed setting. It is also an opportunity for people to have time for themselves and each other, for a walk on the beach can be very rejuvenating! The next Parish away day will be in June or July, again at Crosby and though the topic has yet to be decided, it is to be hoped that we can link it to our recent Parish Census.

The Annual retreat is for four days during Whit week and has, for the last few years occurred at Ampleforth Abbey, the home of the Benedictine Monks. We stay in the guesthouse and Fr Matthew, one of the retreat Directors, leads the retreat. We are encouraged to join with the Monks in celebrating the sung Divine Office, with Compline beginning at 6.00am!

Anyone wishing to join us for the retreat should contact the Parish via the home page.

Each year a number of our youth travel on the Diocesan Pilgramage to Lourdes, travelling by coach along with other young people to experience both the prayer of Lourdes and service to the sick pilgrims.

Sadly, the Parish-based annual Pilgramage to Walsingham finished in 2013.  Those wishing to go to Walsingham now join with St Benedict’s Parish.

Theatre Trips

We offer a full calendar of theatre trips to venues in the North-West. From musicals and plays to classical music, ballet and opera it is another opportunity for us to spend time together outside of church and to take advantage of going to the theatre in the company of fellow Parishioners. For future events please refer to the weekly newsletter.

Please feel free to contact us about any of the Parish activities listed, through the contact numbers and addresses on the home page.