Parish Council

The Parish Council meets at St Stephen’s presbytery once every six weeks or so. It comprises of members from each of the Mass centres at St Stephen, St Bridget and St Oliver Plunkett. It is the starting point for many of the new activities that occur, whether church or socially related.

In recent years we have conducted an updated Parish Census (the last one was conducted ten years ago). This will allow us to keep abreast of the changes of demographics that have occurred over that period, as well as identifying the skills and personnel within our Parish to continue to serve one another.

Current membership includes:

  • Vincent Vernon (chair)
  • Margaret Pidgeon
  • Ron Sudell
  • Karen McElroy
  • Anne Hudson
  • Rose Corry
  • Pearl Haskew-Jones
  • Margaret Raffel
  • Fr Gordon

If you have something that you wish to be brought up at one of the meetings, please contact one of the members.