Any couple wishing to be married in the Parish of St Stephen are requested to contact the Parish Priest in the first instance to make an appointment. At that meeting a date would usually be agreed for your wedding.

Who can get married in a Catholic church?

You are eligible to be married in a Catholic church provided that:

  • at least one of the parties is a Catholic;
  • neither party has been married before, even civilly in a Register Office.

Neither party has to have been Confirmed.  If one of you has been married before, it may still be possible for you to be married in Church. However, a talk with the priest will help to establish whether or not this is possible.

When can we get married?

Generally speaking, marriages can be celebrated any day of the week. The exception to that is during the Easter Triduum, i.e. between the Thursday and Saturday inclusive of Holy Week. It is also likely that priests would not ordinarily welcome celebrating Marriage on a Sunday – from a purely practical point of view the usual Sunday Masses and Baptisms tend to take up most of that day. In addition, Marriages should normally be conducted during working hours since Civil Registrars are required to register your wedding.