Star of Bethlehem

Given the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter expected today (21 December 2020) and following on from my comment at the Masses over the weekend – considering not just one conjunction but four astronomical events from August 3BC to June 2BC which the Magi may have used to interpret the birth of the Messiah – below is a link to offer information for further reading about the Star of Bethlehem on the Vatican Observatory website:

Star of Bethlehem – Vatican Observatory Foundation Faith and Science (

Carols around the tree at St Bridget’s

Come sing a few Carols around the outside Christmas tree at the Church of the Resurrection and St Bridget’s while maintaining a ‘keep safe’ social distance from each other

Thursday 17th December at 4:30pm

Churches reopening

St Stephen’s and St Bridget’s will be open for Mass from this coming weekend.

On Sunday 6 December St Stephen’s Mass is at 9.45am,  St Bridget’s Mass is at 11.30am

The same restrictions that were in place before still remain.

Please make sure you have a mask with you when you arrive. This must be worn inside the church at all times.

Please note: the heating system at St Stephen’s is still causing problems so please be aware that the building may be extremely cold on Sunday.

The engineers are working to fix this as soon as possible.

We will continue to post video Masses on the parish website each weekend up until Christmas.