Church Christmas decorations

As many parishioners are not able to attend Mass in person at the moment, Fr John has created these short videos of the Christmas decorations in both churches for everyone to see.

St Bridget’s

St Bridget's Christmas decorations 2021
Watch this video on YouTube.

St Stephen’s

St Stephen's Christmas decorations 2021
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There are also some photos of St Stephen’s being decorated on our Parish photos page.

Thank you for watching our video Masses

From the 4th Sunday in Lent (14th March) our churches will reopen for public services.

In the hope that this marks the end of the last lockdown and so ending our series of video Masses, Fr John has recorded a short message of thanks and prayer for everyone who has followed Mass online over the past year. He also shares some behind the scenes stories and some statistics about our videos and website.

Thank you for watching
Watch this video on YouTube.

Stations of the Cross

Fr John’s recording of the Stations of the Cross at St Stephen’s is now available by clicking here

Until Easter you can also find it in the website menu too.

Ash Wednesday Mass

Ash Wednesday Mass 2021 from St Stephen's, Warrington
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Blessing of ashes and earth

Dear brothers and sisters,
Let us humbly ask God our Father that he be pleased to bless
with the abundance of his grace these ashes and this earth,
which we will use today as a sign of our penitence.

O God, who are moved by acts of humility
And respond with forgiveness to works of penance,
lend your merciful ears to our prayers
And in your kindness pour out the grace of your + blessing
on your servants who have gathered for this Mass through social media
As they begin to follow today the Lenten observances,
may they be worthy to come with minds made pure
to celebrate the Paschal Mystery of your Son.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  • Keep the little earth today in view and every time you look at it let it remind you that we are dust of the earth always in need of God’s mercy and love.


  • You may wish to dampen the earth with a little water and as I mark my forehead with the ash you may wish to make a mark on your forehead and say:

‘Lord, you made me from the clay of the earth; you gave me a body of flesh;
Lord when I return to the earth from which I came raise me up on the last day.’

Or you may wish to do this after Mass.

Download the ashes & earth blessing