2022 Paschal Candles

Easter 2022 at St Bridget’s

Easter 2022 at St Stephen’s

Holy Thursday 2022 at St Stephen’s

Decorating St Stephen’s for Christmas 2021

Lighting of the Tree for Advent at St Bridget’s 2021

St Bridget’s afternoon tea – Saturday 2nd October 2021

Easter Sunday 2021 at St Bridget’s

Easter Sunday 2021 at St Stephen’s

Good Friday 2021

Holy Thursday 2021

Palm Sunday 2021 at St Bridget’s

Palm Sunday 2021 at St Stephen’s

Christmas decorating – Covid-safe style! 22 December 2020

First use of the new St Stephen’s car park – 11th October 2020

St Stephen’s car park construction

St Stephen’s: Work begins in earnest on the sacristy corridor repurposing old confessionals ready for the new carpark access, 15 September 2019

The Resurrection & St Bridget’s: Redecoration for its 30th Anniversary, 15 September 2019

Easter Sunday 2019

Święconka – Holy Saturday 2019

Holy Thursday 2019

Poor Servants of the Mother of God Thanksgiving Service

St Stephen’s Parish Club Demolition

Easter Sunday 2018

Holy Thursday 2018

Good Friday 2018

Holy Saturday 2018

Paschal Candles 2018

Easter Food Baskets 2018